Dante Colle | Paul Canon

Released November 18, 2018

Adorable, fit Dante Colle has been having a hard time getting it up so when he finally got that erection going, he was more than happy to jerk off multiple times before heading into work. The only problem is his boner just wouldn’t go away! Luckily, athletic, brown-haired Paul Canon returns home just in time to help him finally bust a nut with a proper blowjob, and some ass pounding that will hopefully fix his long-standing erect, cock!

Anal Blowjob Masturbation One-on-One Gagging Showers Deep Throat Cum On Ass Bathroom Bedroom Living Room Bareback Doggystyle …

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You may have heard of Downton Abbey, the hit UK costume drama set in the stately home of Lord Grantham, and actually filmed at Highclere House (where Lord Carnarvon, he who financed the finding of Tutankhamen’s tomb, once lived). It’s a costume piece about live above and below stairs, lords and servants, rich and poor, and it’s now in something like its fifth series. Well, going from the sublime to the even more sublime, ‘GayPornParody.xxx’ have now decided to parody the series and have set their new series of hardcore movies, ‘The Abbey’, in such a stately home; or as close as they can get on their budget.
Alex Garcia | Darius Ferdynand

Gay Parody when its best

The scene opens with a smartly dressed valet, played by gay new porn actor Alex Garcia, opening the door to the very smartly dressed young Lord, played by Darius Ferdynand. Now then, although Alex Garcia may be new to Men Of UK, Darius Ferdynand has already made five other scenes for this one site (and one for Big Dicks At School).

He has appears in parts of ‘Diary of an escort’, ‘Fucking the band’ and ‘Cockpit’ among others, and so knows his way around a film set, a costume, and a fellow porn actor. The story here unfolds with music, great locations, decent sound and acting, and soon sees the valet, Alex, showing the young master to his rooms. There is a mysterious plot unfolding here, all to do with a letter that was sent to the young master for some reason, and it’s worth watching the opening and the build-up to get the story, and to build the tension.
gay porn
The young master needs to freshen up and that’s going to involve undressing. And that’s going to involve the young valet helping out, as is his job. And so follows a very erotic and slow strip-down by Darius Ferdynand, while Alex looks on, and then helps out. Foot fetish fans and master/servant fans will love this set up; and there’s a hint of romance as well.

It’s got everything that the Downtown Abbey gay storyline left out. And, with the soft music paying the love story unfolds and things get very gentle and… Who am I kidding? Yes, there is a very nicely played out build up to this scene but it soon gets as hard and fast as we like to see.

I love it when two male stars making love

Clothes get ripped off, cocks get pulled out and stroked hard, and sucked and the servant wastes no time seeing to his master’s every whim. Darius sucks Alex, Alex sucks Darius, both guys get naked and show their toned, smooth bodies, while sucking cock, and before long they get so turned on the only thing to do next is to fuck. And, in this scene, it’s the master who fucks the servant, and with Alex Garcia describing himself as a top, we may well be seeing a hot top lose his cheery to a versatile bottom for the first time. But the guys share and share alike here and flip-flop around so that we then get the gorgeously horny site of Darius Ferdynand, the young master, sitting down over the harder dick of his servant, Alex Garcia.

The guys swap around again, all’s fair in love, war and stately homes it seems. Darius fucks thee ass off his valet and top-boy Alex Garcia seems to be loving it. They screw on their sides, they pause to suck cock, then Alex gets on his back and Darius drills him some more while wanking his hard dick. It all gets wild and not at all stately as the guys build to a cum-splashing finale before the final twist in the tale……

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The other day we saw the first in this new series from Str8 To Gay, called Virgin Hunter (part one). Here we’ve got part two, and this steamy scene stars favourite gay porn star Tom Faulk alongside versatile Jaxton Wheeler. The virgin hunter of the past instalment was actually Cupid, but represented by a hunky guy with his bow and arrow who was out in some mythological wood looking for straight virgins to strike down. he strikes them with his love-dart (and I don’t mean his cock on this occasion) and this turns the otherwise straight man into a guy who craves man-love, and cock, from whoever is at hand.

Hot gay porn models

Part two opens with Tom and Jaxton doing that most manly of things, working out in the gym and talking about girlfriends. Meanwhile our naughty Cupid is out in the woods (looking more like some kind of Commando it must be said) and he shoots his arrows and captures Tom’s imagination. Well, basically Tom comes out with the fact that he wasn’t to have sex with Jaxton who is monetarily stunner. He soon forgets his qualms though as another arrow is dispatched and, within seconds, he’s got Tom’s meaty cock in his mouth. Things don’t hang around in this exclusive scene at thie gay paysite as two of their hunkiest studs get down on each other right from the word go.
gay model Tom Faulk
The guys blow each other’s hard man toys as they strip down in the gym and there’s a nice long oral session filmed from various angles to give you a real feel for being there. Looking up Jaxton’s toned body to his hirsute face as his stiff dick gets played with and sucked is one of the highlights. The next one has to be the sight of him turning and showing off his powerful ass, his strong back and muscles and then seeing Tom slide his man toys into that ass effortlessly.

Things pick up a pace from then on with the guys banging way in the gym like their lives depended on it. Cupid’s arrow has struck hard and deep, about as hard and deep as Tom’s man toys strikes into Jaxton’s insides as he starts groaning out. He sits on Tom’s man toys so he can jerk his own and we get some hot close up shots of his strong, hairy ass. Then he’s on his back enjoying his gay experience, probably the first for this straight guy, and all the time the gym is echoing to the sounds of two junks banging on the bench. They both shoot creamy loads onto the equipment and Cupid’s job is done for another day. Roll on part three but guys, please clear up that bench ready for the next person, thank you!…

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