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I think maletube is a funny thing to write into my search engine. Then it got me thinking how many different words I can think of to call your cock. I can think of: Shlong, Tube, Cock, Dick, Penis, Dick, Prick, Sausage, Salami, Meat, Todger and Willy. I bet you can name a few more. Tube and Willy are my favourite as they just sound so childish but naughty at the same time. Then it got me to thinking about different words for your ass. Bum, Ass, Globes, Cheeks, Doughnut, Bottom and Fanny. Fanny in the USA is bottom, where as in the UK it means a girls front bottom. (Pussy, to be exact.)

After that, as I am in a silly mood this morning because I was out drinking with my friends last night, and to be honest, I am still a bit pissed… I started to feel turned on thinking about cocks and assholes. I always get turned on when I wake up still a bit drunk, and if I don’t masturbate, then my cock doesn’t go down all day long.

I typed in maletube at , looked down the search engine and saw ‘Big gay cock.’ That’s what I was in the mood for, and as I saw such a good looking straight guy last night, I went straight to the straights category and looked at loads of straight men fucking each other. There were many other things to choose from, but I really needed a big masculine straight willy to sort out my fanny.

Sometimes there are too many movies to choose from so this time I stayed on the first page. Otherwise you can search for ages and get side-tracked. The first thing I watched was two mates lying side by side in the bed together. Totally naked and jerking off to a porn movie. They looked at each other from time to time, but they kept their hands to themselves and shoot thick heavy wads of cum over themselves.

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My dick throbbed a couple of times as my eyes seemed to be glued to what they were doing. I stroked my balls which were just about hanging over the edge of my seat, and went to look at another movie.

The next movie started off with two drunken friends sat on the couch when another friend fell onto their laps. They started to laugh and as they laughed they started cuddling each other, then came the kissing. The guys were in their early twenties, smooth chested and had athletic bodies. They soon stripped naked, and before they knew what was going on, they were spooning each other, and the guy in the middle was fucking his friend, and he was getting his ass fucked at the same time. To me, that is perfect gay porn.

I soon shot my load, cleaned up, and because I was still feeling horny because of the drink from last night, I typed in maletube once again, but this time took my time, and spent the rest of the day looking at everything they had on offer.

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